• Do you wish to have a profession that makes sense to your life? Or give a new orientation to your career ?

  • Are you going through tough times at work ?

  • Do you need to look for a new job and wish to optimize your CV or prepare for interviews ?

  • Would you like to support your child in choosing a job which is in line with his / her personality and core motivations ?

This is the mission of Crossroads - Professional Guidance: to help you find a profession that is a true reflection of your inner self. Time has come now to be fully aware of your own value, of your true preferences, of your personal talents, so as to contribute and express to the outer world what’s most precious within you.

”It is by discovering and fully accepting who you are that you will know what you want to do with your life”

Our Services

We are a career assessment center which :

  • Is accredited to use recognized and innovative career assessment tools (MBTI®, HBDI®, Pulsions®)
  • Considers the individual in his/her unicity and globality, entire path of life and core values
  • Reveals talents and potential and aims at integrating them within your life
  • Identifies emotional blocks and helps the individual to overcome them
  • Raises awareness of the role, functioning, motivations for each person at work and, more extensively, in life
  • Has an in-depth experience in Human Resources and a solid knowledge of today’s labor market in Switzerland