Help in writing a resume and a cover letter

How to distinguish yourself from hundreds of candidates who apply for the same position than you ? How will the recruiter spot your application amongst all the others ?

Over the years, recruitment methods and criteria have evolved. Whether you are looking for your first job or maybe for your last one, the support of a Career Orientation Specialist can be precious.

With an extensive experience in recruitment on the Swiss labor market, I help you write your application (CV and cover letter) and prepare for your job interview

My role:

– to enhance your professional experience, your skills and your values ;

– to distinguish your profile from the other applicants and show your uniqueness in your application.

Together, we proceed to the writing or the reshuffling of your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter. By pointing out your personality, your motivations and your background, even if you have little or no experience. If needed, we also translate your CV and cover letter into French or English. (Source languages: French, English, German, and Italian).

The steps for writing a resume and cover letter


Establish a quote on the basis of your existing and cover letter.


One-hour meeting to go through your professional experience and to extract the appropriate skills.


Write and/or translate your CV and cover letter.


Payment and sending your application; corrections if necessary.



My confirmed recruitment experience on the Swiss labor market has allowed me to understand how a recruiter is functioning. Less than 30 seconds is spent on a CV and I know what will retain his/her attention. I know quite well his/her business language and expectations to write a persuasive job application.

Writing a CV varies between 300.- CHF et 500.- CHF including taxes.

The price of a cover letter is CHF 150.- including taxes.

The translation of a resume is starting from 250.- CHF including taxes.

You can pay in cash, by bank transfer or by TWINT (or possibly by Paypal with additional fees)

There is not one way to do a good resume and there is no perfect CV. But there are tips that will allow you to stand out of the crowd. Likewise, there are essential features that you have to take into consideration if you want to have a chance of being selected.  

Today, everything counts to make a difference amongst the other candidates. For an open position, there are on average 300 applications!! It is therefore obvious that only those who have made the effort to write an impeccable application, from A to Z, will have a chance to be selected. Anything that will help you differentiate from the crowd is therefore a clear advantage. 

French and Italian being my mother tongues and with a Master in German and English Literature, I can translate job applications into French and English.

Too often, after a job interview, people feel frustrated for not having had the possibility to express their true value. On top of it, because of the strong competition, it is more and more difficult to be selected for a job interview. It is therefore essential to be well prepared for job interviews, in order not to be caught off guard on some key issues and to stay in control on the message you want to convey on yourself and on your experience. 

Absolutely. You can send me your documents as well as the job you are applying for, and I will share with you my comments or suggest you the appropriate modifications to be done. If your application needs to be significantly rewritten, I will send you a quote.