Take your career to the next level

You stand at the crossroad, at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of your career, and this very moment is here to remind you that you still have dreams. Wishes. Passions. How do you handle these long-time dreams and turn them into reality ? Those dreams that both thrill and frighten you at the same time ?

Crossroads has an expertise in recruitment, human resources and more specifically in the notion of thrive at work. For several years, my experience has been built up in multinational companies based in Switzerland (SGS, Hewlett Packard and Capital Group). Over the years, my values have led me to get always closer to the human being and my mission has focused on helping and coaching people in career transition. Mainly, in listening and helping people facing issues related to their work environment – health concerns, burn-out or bore-out.

My know-how and methodology, adapted to each individual, allowed me to be the trigger of beautiful stories. These professional success stories convince me every day that I chose the right path and that my job has a purpose.

And you, what is your dream job ?

Skills assessment

Because everyone can strive for a purposeful career.

Educational and professional orientation

Because everyone wants to be proud of a job that is a true mirror of their personalities.

Resume and cover letter

Because everyone deserves to be chosen for the work position of interest.