Skills assessment: individual approach or via the employer (Outplacement)

How to change career when you are 40 or 50 years old ? What are the keys for a successful professional career change, at any age ? The skills assessment is a sustained research combined with practical exercise which will allow you to obtain answers and concrete solutions and guide you in your professional career transition.

I use well-recognized as well as innovative assessment tools such as the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (test of thinking preferences), the Myers Briggs Typological Indicator (test of functional preferences), the PULSIONS (test of natural skills and behaviours), the Strengthsfinder (test of natural talents) and the VOCATIO (test of preferential interest and potentials).  I have also developed my own tools, e.g. The Tree of Life, which will help you to clarify all the steps for your professional development and evolution.

Although each of these tools have amazing qualities, I always remain flexible and creative in the methodology chosen for each individual.

Each person is different and has unique aspirations. I am committed to responding to each request in a personalized and individual way.

In order to grant you a professional coaching and an evaluation that goes beyond the results of your skills assessment, I explore with you your hidden talents, your brain and emotional preferences, your limiting beliefs and your influences.

After each session, I send you a written report, capturing the results and the analysis done together. Once the skills assessment process has been established, several follow-up sessions can be planned if needed, in order to go deeper in the analysis of your results and to help you achieve your objectives.

The steps of a skills assessment


One hour no-obligation consultation, to get to know each other, identify your objectives and determine the number of sessions in order to reach them.


Weekly meetings in order to understand your know-how (hard skills) and your personality (soft skills), your values and your areas of interests.


Draw a synthesis of the professional possibilities and check its economical feasibility on the job market.


Achieve your project by an appropriate positioning on the labor market (application form, network development, personal branding).



A skills assessment is the opportunity to review your professional situation, the value of your work experiences, the skills and know-how you have gathered, the qualities you have demonstrated and the underlying motivations that have driven you so far. It also helps to evaluate the potentials within yourself and the personal interest you have today, so as to determine the possible and best suited career paths for you.   

As soon as you feel the need to change, whether for a new job or for a new working environment, a skills assessment can be quite important to do a conscious choice, rather than leaving on an impulse or jumping on the first available opportunity   

A skills assessment usually takes 2 to 3 months with sessions scheduled on a weekly basis. However, depending on your budget or on your schedule, I adapt the timing of the sessions at your best convenience.  

In general, a skills assessment requires between 4 to 7 sessions of 90 minutes each. The price per session is 280.- CHF including taxes. Corporate price for each session varies between 300 CHF et 400 CHF including taxes, according to the type of session. A written report is sent after most of the sessions.

You will pay at the end of each session, so you are free to stop or continue at your own pace. You can pay in cash or by TWINT (or possibly by Paypal with additional fees)

I can do it in French, English and Italian 

Although I always prefer to have a person face to face, sessions by videoconference are just as effective and especially practical if you are not living in Geneva. 

A skills assessment is first an encounter. You must feel at ease during our meetings and confident in the methodology suggested. I always offer a one-hour no-obligation preliminary meeting to assess whether I am the right person for you and whether the methodology that I propose actually suits you.

No, in principle, a skills assessment is not covered by any health insurance. However, it can be paid by your employer, if required. In some cases, it may be covered by the “Office Cantonal des Assurances Sociales » or by your health insurance, notably if you have been on a sick or accident leave for more than 3 months and imperatively need to change work for health reasons.

Of course. You commit to one session at a time and therefore you are free to stop at any moment. 

The guarantees of success lie in your hands. Crossroads allows you to design viable and achievable career options on the current labor market, but it is up to you to implement your new project and make it happen. Since 2002, I have been kept statistics and to date, 45 % of my customers have changed professional context, 30 % have completely changed their career orientation, 8 % are still in the process of change, 10 % made no change and I have no news from the remaining 7 %. 

I only do one-to-one sessions (there are no group sessions). The discussions and shared documents are strictly confidential.  Crossroads will never share any documents or any results of your assessment without your permission and approval.