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Manuel Forno
Manuel Forno

Your work no longer satisfies you and you are thinking about a career change ?

Does your child need to be guided in his/her educational and professional orientation ?

Maybe you are looking for a job, or even for your first job, and you need help in writing your resume and in highlighting your skills and experience ?

My role is to awaken your inner sparkle that makes all things possible.

Create the professional career you have always dreamed about, the career that looks like you

Skills assessment and career transition guidance

Skills assessment and career transition guidance

You may look for your ideal job or you may be asked to make a professional transition by your company, the skills assessment is made for all those who want to find their own professional path. To find a job that makes sense. A job in line with your values. A job that will awaken the passion and energy within you, to finally embrace the career of your dreams.

Educational guidance and orientation

Educational guidance and orientation

Your child gets to the end of his/her studies and does not know what he/she would like to do for a living? As a parent, you see all the potential in your child, and you want him/her to blossom in his/her future career. A Counsellor in Professional Guidance will guide the student in his/her career choice and help him/her identify his/her own path.

Resume and cover letter writing support

Resume and cover letter writing support

To send an impactful application is to give yourself the chance to be immediately top listed. Finding a job does not have to be left to chance! The Counsellor in Professional Guidance helps you to realize and assess your value on the job market, by enhancing on your CV those skills and experience that are directly connected to the job position aimed.

Today more than ever, everyone needs to connect with meaningful core values. Whether for your first job or for a change in your career direction, finding your own career path and your dream job is possible more than ever.

Manuela Forno Genève

About me

Manuela Forno, counsellor in Professional Guidance

Born in Geneva / Switzerland and of Italian and Swiss origins, I gathered more than 15 years of experience in the Human Resources of large international companies in Geneva. I founded Crossroads-Professional Guidance in 2002 to counsel any person who is searching for a purposeful work.

3 reasons to choose Crossroads

A customized coaching

Each person is unique with his/her own needs, specific expectations, and personal objectives.

Benevolence and listening

Each person needs above all a caring and respectful listening to reveal his/her inner strengths.

Pragmatism and experience

A confirmed field experience and knowledge of the labor market, allowing each professional dream to become true.