Students: educational and career orientation

You can see your child’s potential, but he/she is not ready yet to decide about his/her educational and career path. Indeed, many youngsters are aware of the necessity to make a career choice that suits them, rather than making a choice of compliance. This choice is of the utmost importance and is at times quite stressful.

My role is to support and guide your child in discovering his/her natural skills, deep qualities and the opportunities that can fulfil him/her. I will help him understand his/her motivations and discover the best way to thrive at work.

To do so, I combine several psychometric tools to highlight his/her soft skills, know-how and potential. By discovering and fully accepting who he/she is, your child will understand who he/she wants to become. The tools I chose for the educational and career orientation are designed to help your child to discover him/herself and remind him/her who he is. And thus, coaching him/her on the paths to explore so as to become the person he/she wants and guide him/her in her professional evolution.

The steps of an educational and professional orientation


Assessment of school and / or academical curriculum and identification of the areas of personal interests, distribution of the psychometric tests.


Debriefing of the personalty tests related to the functioning, motivation, values and potentials of your child


Synthesis and first presentation of possible jobs and academical studies (detailed descriptions and videos on the retained options).


Distribution of the orientation report.



We can’t be sure of anything in life, but we can always establish the means to make the choices that are in line with who we are, with the way we function, with the interests we have. This way, I select the professional possibilities based on the motivation and the personal interest of your child, as well as on his/her potentials. 

In general, the process consists of 3 to 4 one-hour sessions, spread over 2 to 3 weeks.   

The fixed price is 850.- CHF including taxes, regardless of the number of sessions required. A complete manual will be sent by mail at the end of the process; it contains the transcription of our sessions, a summary of the personality tests, detailed explanations of the recommended jobs and video links.  You can pay in cash or by TWINT (or possibly by Paypal with additional fees)

It’s the first major life choice taken by your child. A fully conscious choice, according to who he/she is and the values he/she carries, can be crucial in order tackle his/her life with confidence.  It is about making a choice based on who he/she is and not what the society expects from him/her.   

With a few exceptions, it is recommended to take this process only from age 16 / 17 years onwards. If your child needs an educational orientation prior to this age, I will involve you, as parent, in the process, as it is difficult for a teenager below 16 years of age to determine his/her personality features and general functioning by him/herself.

No, Crossroads is not entitled to find jobs or internships. But I can help your child write a resume and a cover letter and give all the necessary tools and techniques for a successful job hunting.